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Safety and Soundness

The Trust Company maintains a strict policy regarding safety and soundness of our clients’ assets.

Our fiduciary services are free from conflicts of interest and do not include any proprietary investment products or affiliations with related companies. Because the trust business is our only business, we provide a single point of contact for clients’ personal and financial services.
  • We are a state-chartered independent trust company regulated by the Florida Office of Financial Institutions. Information about us is available through the State of Florida Office of Financial Institutions at 200 E. Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399, Tel: (850) 410-9800 or www.flofr.com.
  • We also use the independent accounting firm Hacker, Johnson & Smith, P.A. (information available at www.hackerjohnson.com) to review our financials. They are one of the largest accounting firms specializing in financial institution audits and accounting services in Florida. Ed Hacker can be reached at (813) 286-2424.
  • In addition to the state auditors and Hacker, Johnson & Smith P.A., we also employ the services of Crowe LLP. They are a national accounting firm with special expertise in reviewing internal control practices and assist us in reviewing our policies and procedures along with those of our third party providers. More information at: www.crowe.com.
  • Our Board of Directors Audit and Risk Committee, which consists solely of outside directors (non-employees), is responsible for reviewing our internal control policies and engaging our auditors.
  • We maintain a financial insurance bond and a trust errors and omissions liability insurance policy. Our investment management services comply with Florida’s Prudent Investor Rule (Florida Statutes, chapter 518.11).
  • Our client assets are not comingled with trust company balance sheet assets. Client assets are held in custody at US Bank.
  • Client accounts are reconciled each night by us and by our back-office trust accounting provider, Trust Company of the South (www.trustcompanyofthesouth.com).
  • Client investment performance is calculated and reported using an independent third-party provider.