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Family Office Services

Successful families have naturally complex dynamics and understandable concerns
stemming from the desire to do what is best for all involved.

Holistic Solution

The Trust Company’s Family Office Services offer a holistic solution to manage the financial and investment side of single or multiple generations of a family’s wealth related needs. In addition, as family members mature or experience life changes, we are available to provide guidance in family education and governance,
philanthropic giving and succession planning.
Independent Oversight of Investment Portfolios

The Trust Company team provides oversight for families with substantial balance sheet assets. Conservative investment principles are recommended and independently monitored to ensure wealth is protected.

Personal Balance Sheet Analysis & Tax Planning

We provide personal balance sheets that integrate with brokerage firms for streamlined and consolidated up-to-date reporting. This level of reporting can reduce year-end accounting fees for you by supplying your tax accountant with organized current records for tax return preparation and/or personal financial statement preparation. Other balance sheet assets including life insurance policies are reviewed for ‘appropriateness’.

Asset Allocation and Fee Analysis

Our in-house investment experts are continuously monitoring the relative valuation of the entire investment universe. We will determine an appropriate asset allocation for the client based on the long term return goal, risk tolerance, and time horizon. An extensive fee analysis is conducted, assuring your investment managers and/or brokers are charging a fair level of fees for the services provided.

Trust and Estate Services

Changing tax and estate related regulations make trusts one of the most effective vehicles for the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. We can serve as corporate trustee, co-trustee, personal representative or investment agent. Other common objectives are to reduce or eliminate estate taxes, capital gain taxes or income taxes, avoid public probate proceedings and ensure confidentiality.

Influential and Proven Professional Relationships

The Trust Company has extensive contacts in the investment, legal, accounting, banking, and insurance fields that can provide the optimal array of services for each specific client. We conduct independent evaluation and management of outside professional service providers that is respectful of existing relationships.

Addressing Unique Circumstances

Some ultra high net worth families require specialized services beyond the scope of customary provisions included above. Naples Private Trust, Family Office Services fulfills both classic and highly unique needs with an individual tailored plan, including expert internal and external advisors and resources.

Family Office Services by nature are individualized and very specific to each client relationship. Ask us about our full comprehensive offerings and how we can assist with your family's aspirations.