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Investment Services

You have expectations when you invest – expertise, advice, accountability. We agree.

Philosophy and Process

Keeping you and your family in mind, disciplined risk management is ingrained in everything we do.
Superior returns are based primarily on rational expectations for growth and the avoidance of significant risk. We apply long-term investment strategies by investing in a combination of proven companies and fixed income options that are consistent with your portfolio requirements. We don’t focus on investing to beat an index, seek short-term trading opportunities, or rely on market momentum – but on “best in class” investments. Minimum client relationship is $2 million of assets under management.

Portfolio Design

A Portfolio as Individual as You Are

The ease with which you can access and communicate with your dedicated local team of experts is key to your satisfaction. Client portfolios are individually managed and tailored to specific goals and expectations for total return and cash flow needs. Each client has a Portfolio Management Group, a Wealth Services Advisor and a Client Support Specialist working together for you and your family.

A robust portfolio design is comprised of

  • Investment Policy Statement

    The Investment Policy Statement summarizes your specific needs, investment goals and expectations, serving as a guideline for designing your portfolio and monitoring your financial plan on an ongoing basis.

  • Investment Selection

    We do not use proprietary funds or engage in any fee-driven recommendations. Everything purchased in client portfolios is the result of our independent research and will always be transparent, liquid and straightforward. Specific investments are selected for your portfolio by utilizing approved equities from our closely monitored list of “best companies.” Fixed-income instruments are carefully chosen and researched in order to meet your asset allocation and to provide adequate cash flow.

  • Asset Allocation

    The ideal asset allocation is between Growth Assets, Risk Reduction Assets and Inflation Protection Assets, based on your risk tolerance, return goals and cash flow needs. We consider your long-term asset allocation in the context of current economic conditions to arrive at a proposed weighting between asset classes.

  • Holistic Relationship

    Your team of professional advisors has your best interest in mind. We believe that a successful relationship includes ongoing communication with your accountant, estate and tax attorney, and other professionals important to you.

Asset Management Committee

Transparency – knowing what you own and why you own it – is an important and distinguishing characteristic of our company.

The Asset Management Committee meets frequently to review investment strategy and how current events may be affecting the securities we own in client portfolios. These interactive sessions provide an opportunity to participate in substantive discussions with our investment professionals. Clients, as well as prospective clients, are welcome to attend to gain insight into how we preserve and enhance our clients’ assets. Contact one of our local offices for details and reservations.